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Give Them Rope 2xCD Reissue

by Coalesce

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Claire Donner
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Claire Donner Coalesce is a major revelation across the board. This classic record encapsulates everything they've offered us with a long set of rampaging, mandala-like compositions that simultaneously achieve brutalizing emotional rawness and academic deliberation. I'd like to thank them every day for their music, and even for the legions of bands who have wisely chosen to rip them off.
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Give Them Rope, the first proper full-length from this wildly influential, trail-blazing hardcore band, blew minds upon its original 1997 release. The record took hardcore’s urgency into an altogether heavier, more angular and discordant direction than any of the bands progenitors before them. This repackaged, remastered edition of the original album comes complete with extensive liner notes from COALESCE guitarist Jes Steineger, as well as a 2nd disc with 2004’s ‘Give Them Rope She Said V2.0 featuring an alternate mix and mastering job of the entire Give Them Rope album’.


released November 22, 2011

Relapse Records



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Coalesce Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Have Patience
I come from rock that came from nothing. I come from
dead to copulate and condescend. So here I scream in
coincidence, and there you listen without hearing a
word. Still it took me a year to hear a thing. Have
patience as the combination waits to form one ounce of
trust, and your faith the same. I came from dead to
copulate and condescend. I'll have them all. By law I
am not worth more than they. So I'll spawn a fortune.
I'll spin the web for the last impostor as it prepares
to make it's way. Am I not worth more than he they
ask. And Darwin gave you the science to use bigotry
and come off scholarly. Every word you spend on rights
is erased by your simple concept. Every word is
contradicted by your own teaching. Who is more
evolved? One man to what? So which is it, who's the
one? Who is the one? You've justified superiority over
others who live in the flesh. I am nothing of this. I
take my brother in hand and see through this as anyone
with faith does. I can only die in the flesh. I am
nothing of this. I come from rock that came from
nothing. I come from dead to copulate and condescend.
So here I scream in coincidence, and there you listen
without hearing a word. Have patience.
Track Name: One on the Ground
She's got one foot on the ground. That's one more than
before her day. Just crawl back and swallow your pride
like so many pills before this. Girl speak you must
know something more. I know that you must feel
something for your presence is coming chilly. Your
motions sadly sober now. Please let yourself cry.
Prove your miserable existence and I'll believe. I'll
confess my sin. Choking on the manipulation of
another. Roaming on the plane of no bother. The child
spoke the truth. "I can't believe I'm dead." So why
bother us now. You knew everything except the price of
haste, so hold your breath to hold his hand. I'm here
so where are you? Everything was lost overhead. Above
the mantle in the depression. Not a single memory to
burn in this betrayal. At least nothing that I can
reach. I am still standing, still staring at your
child rolling, playing in your husband's stain. Would
you make a token for your son of what's left of his
teeth pried from the plaster. If he found the weakness
to surrender to pain, can you find the strength to
search for him. I am here so where are you. I am still
here and I need you.
Track Name: Cut to Length
Doomed plans of safety surface between showcases of
failed poetry. Your bullshit liberal declaration of
pedophile immunity. Yet you wear it like a badge of
wealth. One more ribbon, one more guilt trip. Still
you would give them one more chance and damn those
whores for carelessness. Come with your declaration.
Cut the length and choose your mount. I'll wet the
appetite for change. I'll feast on them for a while.
Statistic after sick statistic. Only your success is
more pathetic. Take the rape and push it in until
you're raw to any comfort. Eaten out hollow he feasts.
He smiles with her on his breath. She can no longer
feel it tear. She can no longer push her self to
breath. Yet you wear it like a badge of wealth. One
more ribbon, one more guilt trip. Still you would let
those bastards live and damn those whores for
carelessness. Come with your legislation. Cut the
length and give them rope. I'll wet the appetite for
change. I'll feast on them for a while. Verdict after
unjust verdict. Only your success is more twisted.
Take the rape and pull it out. Until you're raw to any
comfort. Eaten out hollow still bound. A smile never
passed her lips. She's tore to her navel. His sick
idea of growing pains. Yet you wear it like a badge of
wealth. One more ribbon, one more guilt trip. Still
you would let those bastards free and damn those
whores for carelessness. Come with your empathy. Cut
to length and kick them down.
Track Name: For All You Are
glance to break you away from her. A bond you
sanctioned by sound and honored with a lack of
penetration. Eating Daisies and licking roses, the
bitter fruits of bickering politicians. And there he
stood a model of perfection. Careless and fit with
contempt for me. Could you predict this before you.
Did you fall to your knees in guilt. Could you fake a
single tear to tide over his want of righteousness.
What would it take? Time to sort out your mind still
crippled by deviance? Take it off and show yourself. I
touch not out of want or need. I haven't the taste for
bitterness. I touch nothing for it's all you are.
There's that thought again. There's no one here but
you and me. No one needs to know a thing. It's a done
deal, I'll slip in. What happens on the road. Will
stay on the road. Don't think less of me, I'm just a
man with needs. I won't tell you twice to get out of
my head and stay awake behind locked doors. And there
she stood a model of temptation. Again, wet and
willing with no faith in me. Still I passed your
twisted test whether in the flesh or in my dreams. Get
out of my head and stay awake behind closed doors.
Come not with me to correct and condemn. Get out of my
bed and stay awake.
Track Name: Still It Sells
Nothing ever came so easy as the manipulation of her
word. Cold and humiliated, I tried to portray this
mess. I should fear it. I should give it all to them
and be done with it. I fear he maybe found a use. A
meaning or comprehension. Some sort of new birth or
late coming death. Who's eyes will govern this
judgment? It's just not my place to judge who tried or
to condemn who cried. I want to be her. I want all of
the answers. A crusty and scratchy mess shielded only
by burlap and the satisfaction of knowing. But I know
nothing. I am the impostor. The fake bastard holding
on to dreams. I want all the answers. I won't wince at
each neck's snap nor help at the hint of hope, I'll
just lie here wet and willing to provoke you. Still no
closure. Cold is so damn trite and evil was never
glamorous. Still it sells so fucking buy it as
politics mean nothing now. As it's already in their
heads. In their hands it resides a mark. So I leave
mine as well to finally be picked apart. Dissected and
forgotten. Ignored at best. But it's still a mark. She
gave me rope and I climb.
Track Name: Chain Smoking
Fairy tales of fire. More trials of strength and
tribulations that mean life or death for us all here.
You are boring me. Solutions not emotion. Emotion not
declarations. I'm repeating nothing. I'm caring not.
Save the tired cliche's for the already converted.
Poetic licenses have been severely strained. Kill that
albatross for it's not of truth. It speaks of eternal
life without sacrifice. Kill that fucker there's no
wrath to follow. It's godless and it's incoherent. And
it's still in the flesh. I can not see it one
commitment linking revolving worlds. And that's all
you are, a politician. Too much grey stop it , there's
too much. No cut and dry truth to be had. Black and
white's long been nonexistent, so I part my way. Kill
that fucker, there's no wrath to follow. It's godless,
it's incoherent and it's in the flesh. Kill it. So
what is the point anyway? You do not give a fuck about
people and god takes care of his own. Let's drag them
into the streets. Death to all carnivores and
vivisectors, and don't stop there. don't stop with
names like fag and nigger. By your own word we are all
gods and everyone anyone might think undesirable
deserves death. Sin doesn't exist anymore, we are
merely animals. Kill the albatross for it's not of
truth. It speaks of eternal life without sacrifice.
Kill that fucker there's no wrath to follow. It's
godless and it's incoherent. And it's still in the
flesh. I can not see it one commitment linking
revolving worlds. So I part my way. She'll shake
herself free of us soon enough and nothing will have
mattered. He's coming a second time, one last time
then it's just a matter of how long it will be before
we are considered a find. Another artifact in the dips
and rises of civilization. But still it has turned
into a commodity and I listened to you. Every last one
and still I ate it all. I believed it all, now I just
hate it all. I've never been so conceited to think
that our fate doesn't lie in god. So ask me again if I
care. I'm not for sale but I'm still coming after you
and I am collecting.
Track Name: Did It Pay the Rent
Did it pay the rent? Did it bring her back? Did it win
the race? Was it worth the price of becoming his
whore? And her yours but you just wanted her back. She
is yours. She was only on loan. America forgot her
face. But we sure as hell didn't forget yours. We did
not win, but time is money and money is power. We did
not win just like he planned so move along. So it's
true. He did do her just like daddy did. With
deception in his pocket. He sold her. I'm the victim
here. I've got this tragedy. I'm the victim here. I've
got political power. You disgraced her memory one last
time. And ten strikes for the one who told us all to
fuck off. So what does it matter? You are still a
bitter tool in bed with him, a tired whore. I'm the
victim here. I'm getting paid. I'm the victim here.
I'm collecting. A celebration of politically correct's
rebirth. A new liberal celebrity to save us all from
ourselves and lead us to right. A CELEBRATION OF
Track Name: Every Reason To
I've never since felt life as dry as it was inside
you. I've tasted plenty and it only made me gag. I
wanted more. Now I have it all, without you. If I
could have only left without that thought. I would
have left with him. And you a childless wreck. I would
have taken it upon myself to leave you strapped with
the burden of unclear thinking. That's what you do
best, you're always thinking and not acting
rationally. You just needed someone to love you. God
know I don't. I never did so disappear. You gave me
every reason to and still I didn't break your face in.
so where's my son and where's your scars? Do you still
limp from my fist fucking fetish? And my midnight
naked messages in your ears? So why didn't they come?
Why wasn't she born? I would have taken her right from
underneath you. She would call you mother, I would
call you host, and you would just call on every lie
you could to feel just and sane. Keep your word. How
little do I really understand? I knew enough not to
touch you there. I should have saved myself for the
last but still I broke in the beginning and broke your
hold in the end. And on you went barren and content.
And I the other direction experienced in nothing
Track Name: This is the Last
My throat falls numb from the endless execution of
contempt's song. It fails to follow suit in silence
even now. I can hear every word. Leave this place. If
only you could just be half as hateful if only I could
still take you with a grain of salt I could fake some
respect and hide the pity. For what I once feared is
now somehow down on my level. I never claimed to see
through another's eyes. I could never inflict such
abuse upon myself honestly. Honest in a sense that I'm
willing, but such intensity is dulled with age.
Leaving me some spoiled child. I'll take it in stride,
with every cheep shot landed. I took it without
crying. Now shut the fuck up. I've always sang the
cowards song. I've never claimed to be, anything but.
Like father like son. We'll find an easy way I'll fly
so high, to no longer hear the hisses of hatred
ringing in my head. Selfishly sober in spite of you.
I'll never be the man to which you compare me.
Selfishly sober in spite of them. You boast I'm dead
to you and I in turn agree. I turned a deaf ear on
you, I knew the rest. Sob stories were never my strong
suit. Now just as threatening as I'll let you be. I
keep a short rope, and a shorter fuse. For the one who
love's who? I won't leave this place. So boast I'm
dead to you, with dying breath. I can't hear a thing.
I never could. Fuck your apologies. I've tolerated
your last death threat. I don't condone the likes of
anyone so keep your word and consider me
Track Name: I Took a Year
I never considered that. I chose to stay numb over
tears. I forgot myself to keep momentum. I took a year
and stretched it ten fold. But today I live, I live it
down. With both eyes just now reawakening. Still soar
and sober. Still sober for no reason. I have every
reason. I can be just as addictive as the next so take
care of me. I am your responsibility. You wanted to
change it all so start with an infant. Is this it?
Have you given it to me? Is this the meaning? Have you
forced it upon me or am I hanging myself needlessly?
Damn your riddles stop speaking in tongues. Let me
hear t, let me feel it across my face if need be.
You've given it all still I want even more. Sober
expression. Numb in motive. Take even more. Damn your
riddles. They change nothing. I will stand back and
take it all in. I am still myself. I'm still intact.
Just let me rest. Just let me rest. Just let me go.
Yesterday I was left just like before and again every
night after. Now I can accept the common them in
unconsciousness. Temptation's only a word now with no
potential of a body. No is not so hard. I'm the one to
leave of an honest will. Confidence can no longer be
stolen under the table. Me.